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All you need is love and a whole lot of cushions! Toss them on your bean bags or layer them on couches. 

Inspired by the latest trends, our extensive collection of pillows with beautiful fascinating patterns, highlighted with hand embroideries is executed by our skilled artisans.

Table Linen

Set the mood! Table linens that add glam and sophistication to set a mood for every dining experience. We have numerous textures in cotton and cotton blends, with designs and finishes that complement and enhance every table setting.

Kitchen Linen

A delight for the chef in you!

Add a dash of whimsy to the kitchen with delightful linens! The vast selection of kitchen towels are fun, environmentally friendly & extra-absorbent. Explore our range of aprons, oven mitts, pot holder.

Bags, Pouches and Totes

Glam on the go! Wide range of accessories that include bags, pouches, scarves and jewelry. Available in prints and wovens, artisanal elements add the touch of finer details.

Textile Art

Handcrafted! Wall art that will surely uplift an empty wall or enhance a forgotten corner. Adds charm to a room or the whole space.

Sustainable Products

Start your zero waste journey with Eco-friendly, sustainable products. Reduce the use of plastic. Use bowl covers, utensil wraps, cotton napkins, bees wax wraps, coir products, mesh totes and many more.

Storage Utility

A wide range of storage baskets, storage bins, and trinket dishes helps organize your home and to find the right place for everything available in assorted colors, patterns, and prints.

Table Accessories

Effortlessly transform your space with decorative table accessories offered in different finishes and materials as required. 

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